Friday, April 17, 2015

"Good-bye and Welcome" -- a Message from our 2014-2015 Co-President, Sahng-Ah Yoo

Hello Pre-law Society,

I hope you've been well -- it's been a while since I've written to you all. It is my bittersweet privilege to be sending you my last e-mail today. As co-President of the outgoing board, I'd like to officially welcome and introduce to you the 2015-2016 Columbia University Pre-law Society Board.

But, before I do, I would like to take a moment to thank the members of the 2014-2015 board for their hard work this year. Midst all the back-to-back event planning and big-picture, future-goal discussions, I did not get to publicly thank the members for the passion and hard work they put into every single event and initiative undertaken. The board got a lot done, increasing the number of events provided to you eight-fold and reaching out to more student clubs, alumni, law firms, judges, and LSAT companies than ever before. Korey and Daniel from the Events Committee tapped into the quiet but huge interest in the intersection of law, tech, and entrepreneurship, and will continue to spearhead an initiative that will provide a platform for discussion and action on these issues next year. Chris and Eileen from the Pre-Professional Committee were cognizant from the start that there were certain legal careers that got less coverage and worked hard to bring you speakers in international, constitutional, tort, criminal, and judicial law. Megan, Ben, and Antonia tasked themselves to strengthen our relationship to the law school, bringing you more opportunities to meet students, professors, and deans so you can get a better feel for what law school is really all about. We were excited to have started a collaboration with Barnard's Athena Pre-law Society to expand the Law Mentorship program to the rest of the Columbia University, including CC, SEAS, Barnard, and GS, which will continue to be a main focus next year. Lilia and Divya have brought a professional aspect to our publicity, aiming to help you with yours by providing you LindedIn profile pictures, in addition to developing a new logo and face for Pre-law. And, finally, a huge thanks to my co-President and Treasurers, Gennie, Alice, and Ashley, for their genuine commitment in getting things done and getting them right. Thank you.

We've done a lot but there's still a lot more we can do. I have nothing but high hopes that the next board will use their collective strength to push Columbia University Pre-law Society to the next level. This board is here for you -- I entreat that if you have suggestions to please let the board know.
So, without further ado, here are your student leaders for next year. Congratulations!

President Genevieve Antono
Treasurer Ashley Lee
Vice-President Megan Kincaid
Vice-President Korey Petgrave
Marketing Chair; Secretary Divya Sundaram
Marketing Partner Arianna Smith
Marketing Partner Carla Jimenez
Social Events Co-Chair Rebekka Troychanskiy
Social Events Co-Chair Eileen Wong
Social Events Partner Ayo Osobamiro
Mentoring Program Chair Andrea Avila
Mentoring Program Partner Madeline Payne
Academic Affairs Chair Sharon Liao
Academic Affairs Partner Rachel Taratuta-Titus
Academic Affairs Partner Youzhihang Deng
Pre-Professional Chair Daniel Omachonu
Pre-Professional Partner Brooke Robbins
Pre-Professional Partner Renata Castilho

Yours truly,
Sahng-Ah Yoo
President, Columbia Pre-law Society, '14-'15
Columbia College, Class of 2015
Columbia University